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The Robins and the Holly Tree

March 14, 2013

About a week before Christmas the robins would devour every berry on the holly tree outside my apartment window.  This annual feeding frenzy both scared me (I was afraid I would get shit on) and delighted me (the chirping, the fighting, the chaos).  Within one day, the tree would be stripped of every bright red berry, the robins vanished, and the only evidence left behind from this annual mania was the shitstorm that covered my car.  

In January, I sold my bed (the one I bought in last July), gave away my couch (the one I always hated), and packed up everything else.  I was leaving the Roxborough, a place I called home for the last five years.  I was sad to leave the century-old building but I am super excited to move in with Alex.  And besides living out our eHarmony success story everyday, I am excited for all the modern amenities that come with a decade-old apartment.  

My move out coincided with the Roxborough being sold and taken under new management.  When I told them about me leaving, they told me of all the things they were going to upgrade/replace in my new apartment – the windows, the stove, the carpet, the light fixtures, the hot water, etc.

I met the new apartment manager (Charles) to return my keys.  And when I arrived at the Roxborough, the sound of chainsaws enveloped the afternoon air.   The 75-year-old maple was in pieces littering the parking lot and the holly tree was completely missing.  Charles said those trees were causing structural damage and that there was nothing they could do.  

A holly tree never loses its leaves during the winter.  For me that little tree always served as a reminder that even during our darkest and coldest of days, life can still flourish.  I lived in that apartment longer than any place since I was a child.  Charles helped me carry down the bookcase I was giving to Goodwill.  We loaded it in.  He shook my hand and I slammed the door closed and I drove away.