The Great Hall

July 16, 2015

The man also touring Fremont Abbey interrupted us for a third time. He didn’t say, “excuse me,” or give us an, “I’m sorry.” He just continued to be oblivious to normal human courtesy. When I saw him later at the coffee shop around the corner, I wanted to “accidentally” trip and spill my coffee on him. I refrained. The Fremont Abbey was nice but it looked worn and tired. The furniture was included in the price, but for the money, I would prefer that it wasn’t.

At the Melrose Market Studios in Capitol Hill, we ran into another couple looking for wedding space in 2016. Our host accidentally booked us at the same time. Two Alex’s, one time slot. She blasted Come Together when I asked about the sound system. The music reverberated off the exposed brick walls and was amplified in the empty room. If the space was a little bigger or if we were not going to have the ceremony on site, it would have been the perfect place. But sadly, it was too small.

We ultimately decided on the Great Hall at Greenlake. It had everything we wanted. 1. It is located in Seattle. 2. We can choose our own caterer. 3. We can bring our own alcohol. 4. It holds 150-175 people. 5. The weekend we wanted (July 30) is available.

So we booked it last March. So, we have a venue and a date (it has only rained 9 times in Seattle on that day). Next week, we continue the search for vendors with interviews scheduled with photographers and day of coordinators.

We have just over a year until we throw the biggest party of our life. We cannot wait.


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