Me, Standing On…

June 8, 2014

In the Frankfurt airport (at least in 2012), they offer free wifi. Which is amazing. This was particularly helpful for me as I was never supposed to be in Germany. My flight from Seattle to Iceland was delayed and I missed my connection to Paris. During my trip to France in 2012, I made a choice to post photos and blog entries everyday during my journey (the photos were easy, the blog posts, well proved much more difficult to keep up on). So when I had internet, I would furiously post and caption to Facebook the day’s batch of photos.

Well, in Frankfurt the internet was free, but only valid for 15 minutes. So as the countdown ticked to zero, I madly rushed to post and caption all of my photos from Iceland and I posted this one with the caption, “Me, standing on a rock.”

Me, standing on a rock

Me, standing on a rock

And with this photo and caption I accidentally created a Nick Peyton meme of me, standing on various objects.

Of course in 2014, I had to continue this trend. Here is a collage of me, standing on various objects and in various places.

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge


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