Anatomy of a 14€ Petit Dejeuner

April 9, 2012

I have been trying to be pretty frugal during the front end of my trip. Street sandwiches and crepes for meals, carrying a nalgene or a plastic bottle for water (so I won’t be tempted by a 4€ Coke or bottled water), and taking advantage of the great, cheap wine here in France. I want to have extra cash if I run into any problems — Take my unexpected cab ride to Chablis that cost 50€ for example. And if I have some extra Euros burning a hole in my dorky Rick Steve’s Money pocket, I know that I can spend them without any problems in my last three days in Paris.

The place I am staying at in Chablis is probably going to be the nicest place I will stay all trip. It is very affordable (less money than my tiny place in Paris), it has three stars, and the service is amazing. It reminds me a lot of my stay on Lummi Island. Almost spookily so.

When I checked in the hostess asked me if I wanted to make a reservation for dinner. I had already spent an afternoon in Seattle translating the menu and I knew I wanted to eat there. I booked for my last night in Chablis. The hostess escorted me to my room (the last time I was escorted to my hotel room was with Paul and Kelli on Lummi Island) — Room number 1. She asked me if I wanted breakfast in the morning, I said, “Why not.”

Now, I knew if I was going to spend 14€ on breakfast (which is more than three times as much as I have been spending on sandwiches in Paris), I was going to get my €’s worth. So below is a detailed anatomy of a 14€ petit dejeuner.

Round One:
My Petit Dejeuner, Photo taken on April 9, 2012

From Top Left, clockwise. A) Orange juice. B) Ham and chorizo. The chorizo wasn’t spicy at all. C) Yellow Bread, with a whisper of sweetness. I thought it was going to be sweet. But it wasn’t. I put a fair amount of butter on that. You got to slice your own sized piece. D) Baguette. Crispy on the outside. Super soft on the inside. While it looks like a baguette you can get in Seattle, the amazing thing was the texture. Hard to explain but it didn’t have the roughness or the chew that baguettes in Seattle have. Must be the water. I slapped butter on it and put my meats on there. E) Banana. Saved for later — I need to eat more fruits and vegetables here in France, pretty expensive by U.S. standards. F) Café. My first non espresso coffee on this trip. I love the espresso here but I love me some drip coffee. G) Pineapple and Kiwi salad. See E. H) Croissant. I) Pastry, with a hint of apple. J) Pastry, with a hint of chocolate. K) Butter, from France.

Okay, you know, I have been being a frugal and I wanted to get my money’s worth. Well, I went back for round two. Don’t judge me.

Round Two:
My Petit Dejeuner, part II, Photo taken on April 9, 2012

L) Butter, same pat, slightly less. M) Pastry, with a hint of chocolate (it was tasty). N) Dry Toast. I put butter and the various jams you see in the bottom right of the photo. O) Dried Apricot and Fig. P) Jams. See photo below. Q) Ham and chorizo. R) Baguette. S) Chocolate(?) and hazelnut(?) cake. I was unsure what exactly what was in this cake, but it was dry, not sweet and was perfect with butter and jam. T) More café (not pictured).

The Jams
My Petit Dejeuner, the Jams. Photo taken on April 9, 2012

They also had an espresso machine, teas available, yogurt, cereal, milk, brie, and hot chocolate — all of which I did not have. It was well worth the money and I got completely full.


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  1. I want that baguette! Don’t you love the bread, cheese, wine???? Did you go to a patisserie? A charcuterie? ACK! I envy you but am happy for you!

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