How to Use a Laundromat in Paris

April 7, 2012

I decided very early on in my trip planning that I would travel light. I heard Rick Steves on NPR and he said that you should pack the same as you would for a week if you are going for a month. That would mean I would need to find a laundromat three times in France. Walking around my hotel the first couple of days in Paris I spied a laundromat less than a block from my hotel. But what I quickly realized was that I had no idea how to use it. And all of the instructions were in French. I stood outside of the laundromat perplexed on what I would do.

Paris Laundromat

Well, when in doubt, google your exact question and see what comes up. And when I did, I found this webpage.

How to Use a Paris Laundromat

Not only did it translate all of the words I would probably see, it gave step by step instructions, in English. I stuffed a pillow case with all of my dirty laundry and went across the street. I took out my hand written translations and went to work. There were some differences but the general concepts from the webpage were true. I loaded my clothes, added my Tide, put in my €’s and grabbed my book.


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