The Icelandic Delay

April 2, 2012

When we finally (after a three-hour delay) boarded the plane bound for Iceland they informed us that the main office was trying to re-book our entire plane. We were all going probably going to miss our connecting flight. Compounding this problem is the fact that it is spring/Easter break for half of the world. Some people were going to have their connecting plane held, others would maybe get an afternoon flight, and the unlucky few would spend the night in Keflavik — imagine a town smaller than Cheney or Ellensburg but whiter (hard, right?). The problem was that you didn’t know which outcome you would get until you made it to the service desk in Iceland.

The 40 of us who had to spend the night in the Icelandair Hotel reminded me of the survivors from LOST minus a pregnant woman. Instead of gathering wood and supplies and avoiding the smoke monster, we spent our evening wandering the town and eating in the hotel restaurant. Though I made a few friends from my flight, I was happy to shed them at the airport this morning.

Now, I am sitting in Saga class (first class seats, coach beverage selections) on a flight bound for Frankfurt. Yeah, Frankfurt. Before dinner the airline sent over new itineraries for some of us. And instead of flying directly to Paris this morning I have a stop in Germany.

Highlights in brief:
1. Finding wifi outside an Icelandic KFC
2. Calling a random woman in Paris instead of my hotel
3. Using Gmail in Icelandic

Oh and Saga Class is amazing.



  1. I’m glad you weren’t taken down by the Keflavik Smoke Monster!

    Good thing you’re going to be in France for a month. Makes a day or two at the beginning not such a big deal. This is also a good reminder that it’s the difficulties in travel that make the very best stories.

    And so it’s not that I’m wishing you lots of difficulties… but I do like the stories.

  2. Sounds like you are finally getting the Royal, First Class treatment.

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