Searching for Meaning

March 7, 2012

There are three search terms that bring the most random traffic to my website/blog.

  1. Babies born in 1994
  2. Texting before/after a first date
  3. Stonington Beige

While I mention these topics in here, here and here, I don’t address about the core issues that I imagine people are searching on. So now, I will.

Babies born in 1994
I cannot believe that I wrote this piece in 2007. At the time, I got to thinking if the TV show Friends had any impact on baby names. I mean it was one of the most popular TV shows of all time. Even today, the stars of Friends are trying to escape those fictional names from a TV show that ended 8 years ago.

But I digress. You want to know about popular baby names in 1994. It’s 2012 and you, if you were born in 1994, are now 18. Here are the most popular baby names in 1994:

Men: Michael, Christopher, Matthew, Joshua, Tyler, Brandon, Jacob, Daniel, Nicholas, and Andrew. Women: Jessica, Ashley, Emily, Samantha, Sarah, Taylor, Brittany, Amanda, Elizabeth, and Megan.

Like I said in 2007, if you are named Phoebe or Chandler, you might want to rent netflix stream Friends on DVD and check it out. And you will question your parents sobriety at your birth when you discover you were named after the two most quirky TV characters of all time.

You can find more baby name information at the Social Security website.

Texting before/after a first date
Should you text before a first date? Yes. But I keep it short and sweet. I usually use it to confirm our plans. Example: Hey [Name], it’s Nick. Are still on for [Location] at [time] on [day]? Looking forward to it!

Should you text after a first date? Yes. But this is much more situational. I will break down several situations.

1. You had a good time and want to see him/her again. Wait at least a day before texting something like: Hey there [Name]. I had a great time [last night/yesterday/over coffee]! [Mention something from the date]. Let’s get together again soon!

2. You’re just not that into him/her. Text the next day and say something like: Hey [name], It was great meeting you [last night/at AA/while skydiving] but unfortunately, I didn’t feel much of a [romantic connection/spark]. Best of luck out there!

3. You had a crazy romantic connection. In this case, there are no rules. Once I received a text from someone before I even made it home from our first date. Another time I skipped texting and I called. Sometimes I have emailed. At any rate, just be cool. You had one good first date. The race is very long. And you will learn that there are no rules. If you like each other, you will have another date. And it will work out no matter how you contact them. Just don’t stand outside their window with a boom box portable iPod dock playing music. That never works.

For more information on what to say in online messages (I have used this article as a guide for me), check out this article from OkCupid. While it addresses online dating website messages, I think it is a good guide for all communications to potential dates.

Stonington Beige
I painted my entire living room this color. I have an east-facing, second floor apartment in Capitol Hill. My only direct light comes in during the morning. This color is not too dark for the room and provides a warm glow in the evening. It works perfectly with the white crown molding. I recommend it.

You can find the paint at Home Depot or online. Only one coat was needed.

Interesting search terms that have found my website/blog:

  1. asian marissa tomei
  2. when will i have my first kiss asian
  3. after first date when text snog
  4. im asian but i like a french
  5. nick peyton pi hipster
  6. who did marissa tomei punch in the face?
  7. i get picked on because im asian
  8. can i update my phone number for safeway club card
  9. why do asians love france and the french
  10. “i had fun too” text

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