30 Things I Want to Accomplish by the Time I Turn 30

January 27, 2011

My friend Katie and I share a special kinship.  We both attended graduate school right after completing our undergraduate degree.  Something in hindsight that I am glad that I did, but also recognize that I probably would have received more from that experience if I had gone later in life.  But to hell with that, I had a Master degree at 24.  Katie, was the youngest person in our program; I was second.  And as a result we became friends.  Bonded together by our youth and lack of real world experience.

But the years went by, we grew up, and soon we both will be approaching 30. As a result, Katie created a “bucket list” of everything she wants to do before she turns 30.  It is an inspiring list.  Looking at her list, I was in awe.

Katie’s list inspired me to have my own.  Here are 30 things I want to accomplish by the time I turn 30.

1. Read the collected works of J.D. Salinger (short stories and novels)
2. Watch all the Best Picture winners since 1982 — (25/30 completed)
3. Host a dinner party for 12
4. Have a well-stocked bar
5. Climb Mt. Si
6. Order a Manhattan in Manhattan
7. Pick up a girl in a barNot going to happen in the foreseeable future.
8. Go to Bumbershoot
9. Perfect the art of grilling/cooking a steakI may never “perfect” the art of grilling/cooking a steak but I am pretty good.  

Knuckleheaded Shit
10. Buy a curtain for my closet Moving, No longer needed
11. Replace all the light fixtures in my apartment Moving, No longer needed
12. Mount the Ikea shelves in the kitchen
13. Buy a new suit

14. Go to Paris and spend two weeks in the French countrysideWell it wasn’t the countryside but it was a month-long trip that included Chablis, Alsace, and Lyon.
15. Go on a week-long road trip OR travel up the Eastern seaboard from Virginia to Maine

16. Eat at Luc in Madison Park after 10 p.m.
17. Eat or drink at Knee High Stockings in Capitol Hill
18. Eat at Herb Farm in Woodinville
19. Eat at Lowell’s in Pike Place Market for breakfast
20. Eat at a two star or higher rated Michelin restaurant — I never ate at a two star Michelin restaurant, but I ate at two one stars and a former two star

Food and Drink
21. Make Bon Appétit’s 1984 Spiced Chocolate Torte with Chocolate Ribbons
22. Make Julia Child’s Beef Bourguignon
23. Make raspberry freezer jam
24. Roast a turkey
25. Butcher a whole chicken
26. Make Prime Rib
27. Grill Beef Ribs
28. Sample all the wine varietals available in Washington State
29. Drink a 30-year-old bottle of wine
30. Drink 30-year-old Scotch on my 30th birthdayI drank three different 12 year old Scotches, close enough.  



  1. We have to discuss this the next time we’re in the same room. #14 is one of my dreams. I like that you’re not just dreaming on it…alas, I’m still dreaming. And if you ever want to ditch work for a bit and accomplish #19, I’d be up for joining you. I can totally help you out with #23. Also, depending on what you mean by #25, I have good pointers (if the chicken has already been killed. If it’s still alive, that’s another story).

    • You left off “Win Dorkfest Title”.

  2. I think “knuckleheaded shit” would be more like “start a bar fight”, “get a regrettable tattoo”, or “break 35 mph on my bike, down 10th Ave.”

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