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The Tennis Court Fight

July 15, 2010

I walked up to the tennis court and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Two older men with graying hair yelling at a woman in her mid thirties. They were all dressed in tennis gear. They had been playing tennis for a while. It was hot, early evening, and I had arrived to play basketball.

The first man yelled at the woman because the woman’s kids (aged around 5 and 6) were hitting their tennis balls into their court. You see the kids weren’t doing it on purpose. The kids simply sucked at playing tennis. I mean they were 5 and 6. The woman replied by saying they were kids and she was teaching them how to play tennis. The second man said well, that is not how you teach them to play. The argument continued. The voices were elevated higher. The kids sat in silence at the edge of the court. The woman, completely frustrated took her kids and stormed off.

This all happened at the Madrona Playground. In a neighborhood where Seattle’s almost rich live. The Madrona Playground is a public playground. Anyone can come and play. The mom and the kids were just as entitled to be there as the two men.

Since Tuesday, I have been feeling regret. I wished I stepped in. I wish I told those men to shut the fuck up and ask them if that is how you act in front of a woman and two little children (Yes I see the irony of my profanity). I regret that these bullies pushed this mom around. She should be rewarded for taking the time to parent her kids. To teach them tennis at a young age. To have them enjoy the outdoors instead of plopping them in front of the TV. If those two men had a mother like that, I would suspect, they wouldn’t be such dicks.

Everyone arrived after the woman and the kids left and we played for basketball for an hour. When I walked by the tennis count again later, new group of people were playing, quietly and without incident.