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Didn’t I Just Date Her? Now, She is Married!?

May 11, 2010

I avoid having exes as friends on facebook. Even if we are friends. Because I don’t need to know every detail about their life. And I definitely don’t need to see them happy with someone else. Because there was a moment, no matter how brief, that we were crazy about each other and we were happy. Before Hillary could mail back my LOST DVDs, I had already removed her as a friend on facebook. It adds a nice touch of finality. Like filing that big project in the cabinet, or stashing away the suitcase after a trip.

Today facebook gave me a little surprise that I wasn’t expecting. Sarah, a girl who I dated in 2007 is now married. I know that it has been 2.5 years since we dated, but it seems like yesterday. And if I think about it hard enough, I can remember every detail about our time together. Her perfume. Her laugh. Her jokes. The movies we watched. Our phone conversations.

But married after only 2.5 years after we dated!? I have food older in my refrigerator than the amount of time since our failed relationship. Sarah and I were never going to work out. Our relationship was a one-night stand that lasted two months too long. It was summer love.

In her profile picture, she looks amazing. She looks happy. She has a different last name. I am glad that you found someone. You always thought it would never happen to you. You are the first girl that I have dated here in Seattle that has since gotten married (that I know about). And I hope that from time to time you remember drinking a pitcher of Mac & Jacks on that warm July evening, when anything seemed possible.