Apartment Update & the Missing Bus Pass

July 20, 2009

It is official. Steve admitted that he did some dishonest things. He moved out a couple of weeks ago. The police are working the case, but they are taking their time. There isn’t a rush to arrest and prosecute someone who admitted to the police that he stole around $5,000 to $8,000. They have jaywalkers to write tickets to and speeders to catch on the 23rd.

But through his theft, he has united the building in a way that I didn’t think was possible. There is going to be a get-to-know-you barbecue. Neighbors are talking to everyone about the theft and as a result meeting everyone for the first time. Community is being built. It is neat. However, it is sad that it took a theft for this to happen.

My best friend Brian visited me last week. He brought his wife Traci, and his two kids, Dalin and Audrey with me. And if you have ever seen my Capitol Hill apartment, probably not very friendly for three grown adults and two kids. But we made it work. I told Brian that we were going to spend two days being a tourist in Seattle. Which was pretty fun.

On our last day together, after Seattle Center, Monorail, Pike Place Market, and the Waterfront, we took the Water Taxi over Alki Beach. We spent the afternoon there walking along the beach and skipping stones. After getting back to the dock for the Water Taxi back to Seattle, I realized I had lost my bus pass. And what sucks about losing this bus pass is that they are yearly bus passes that my work provides. They cost $50 to replace. They allow the rider to ride pretty much any form of public transportation in Seattle at no cost. They are brilliant. That being said, anyone who finds one, has little incentive to return them back to King County.

I waited a few days before I emailed our accounting department at work to inform them that I had lost my bus pass over the weekend. I was embarrassed because we were just issued our new pass a week earlier. Jennifer in accounting told me that King County suggests that people wait a week before filing for a lost pass claim – a very small number get turned in. I told her okay and was bummed that I would be out $50 for my stupidity.

Literally an hour later, Monica, the accounting intern comes into my office holding an envelope. It was my bus pass. Somebody had found my bus pass and mailed it to King County. Then King County mailed it to my work. I was ecstatic. Someone with a good heart took the extra effort and did the right thing. Jennifer told me in the two years that she has worked at the Institute, not one bus pass has been mailed back when lost. I was very excited.



  1. That is really sad about Steve, but surprising, as you previously mentioned how much work he would do on the apartments. Very unusual for someone who resorts to stealing rent money to be so good about that kind of thing. I wonder how he thought he’d get away with it. I hope he learned his lesson and does not do it again! I am glad you got to know your neighbors better, though.

    That was a crazy bus pass story, and I am very happy to hear the ending of it. You reap what you sow, and that person has some good coming to them!

  2. That is so odd! I wonder if the owner was lackadaisical in paying Steve for all the work he was doing around the building, and this was a last and desperate resort? Glad you got your bus pass!

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