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If Only We Had the Paella

April 27, 2009

Two years ago on my birthday, I went on a third date with a girl named Kimberley, who I nicknamed Marisa Tomei. We went to this Spanish restaurant named Gaudi. And you can read about the whole experience (of the date, sadly the restaurant review got the short shrift) here.

Fast forward two years later and Paul, Kelli, Kelli’s sister Staci, and her boyfriend Dan want to go out to dinner. They suggest Gaudi. Paul and Kelli have been coming to this place pretty much since it opened and they have explored every nook and cranny of the menu. Which is a great thing. They can suggest the best dishes for us to try. And the meal on Sunday was just as magical as the last time I went on my birthday –  maybe if not more. But what shocked me the most was the Paella. It was unfuckingbelievable. The seafood cooked perfectly. The clams, the mussels, the shrimp – oh mama. Plus, the rice was perfect. Combine all of that with their garlic aioli on the side and you are in heaven. It was the perfect meal for a perfect Sunday evening. Oh did I mention we had sparkling sangria and I had an espresso with dessert?

This meal got me thinking. I know for sure I made some ordering mistakes when I was there with Marisa Tomei. I nudged us away from the paella at the time because it is significantly more expensive and it is a sharable dish (which after two dates are you to the point where you share food?). To be honest, the only thing I can remember about that meal with Marisa was the Gaudi salad. And that is only because it was completely different than what I was expecting at the time. Now after trying the paella, I truly believe that if Marisa and I had ordered the paella, we might still be together today. My life would be completely changed. That is the power of the Gaudi paella –  it is that good.