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Texas BBQ in Spokane

November 25, 2008

This morning I flew into Spokane, WA for Thanksgiving. It is nice being home. Already, I have watched ESPN, played with the dog, took a nap, and made it to my favorite coffee shop in Cheney (which I come to find out has been sold to Tully’s – which besides the barista, I am the only one here). For the flight, I brought my latest copy of the New Yorker with me. And in this week’s issue there is an article from Calvin Trillin about Texas BBQ. It is a great article. He talks about Texas Monthly’s annual list of the best Texas BBQ places. And the winner of this year’s award only serves BBQ on Saturday morning starting at 8, until they run out of meat (which is about noon). Before the Texas Monthly award, they were serving about 250 pounds a day and after it, it went up to 1,000 pounds a day, with a line of people before they open at 8 a.m.

Now, I have been a fan of Texas BBQ all my life. For as long as I remember, my family and I have gone to the Longhorn BBQ in Spokane every time we came up to Cheney. One of my earliest memories is sitting the the booth at the Longhorn BBQ. As you might guess from the name, the Longhorn BBQ specializes in Texas BBQ. I request every time I come that we must go to the Longhorn. One year, I requested that we go on Christmas Eve, sadly they were closed. Even my Grandmother’s 85th birthday party was at the Longhorn. A basketball camp I went to when I was a kid was catered by the Longhorn.

Now you wouldn’t think that great Texas BBQ could be found in Spokane, WA. But it can. The brothers who founded the Longhorn were from Houston Texas and started the BBQ there in 1946. Soon after they moved to Spokane. We are going to the Longhorn for dinner tonight and I am really excited. But this New Yorker article intrigued me. Am I missing something? Is there better Texas BBQ out there? I have been thinking of a week long trip next year, would it be crazy to go into the heart of Texas to dedicate a road trip to Texas BBQ?