The Stolen Business Card

October 23, 2008

The other day I had to go to Cle Elum, WA for a City of Seattle Chamber of Commerce meeting. The focus on this annual meeting was on global health and because of that, my work had a booth during the reception. I drove over with my new co-worker Becky and once we unpacked the car we began to set up our booth. Our booth had the standard booth fare – two large displays, annual reports, information on diabetes, a couple of news articles and a basket where you could put in your business card to join our mailing list.

Becky asked me if I had any business cards from people I could throw into the basket to make it look like we had some already. I didn’t. Becky looked into her wallet and found a couple of random business cards and threw them into our basket. Having set up the booth, we took a break and began to walk around Suncadia and look at this ridiculous resort in the middle of nowhere.

After a few minutes we walk back to our booth and I stare into the basket. A business card is missing. And I tell Becky of this. She looks in and tells me that the missing card was from a divorce attorney. She looks at me, smiles and tells me to quit fooling around and give the card back. I tell her I don’t have it. Then the realization sets in. Someone looked into our basket of business cards, sees one for a divorce attorney and takes it. This was quite shocking. The guest list of this Chamber meeting included the CEO of group health, Melinda Gates, Gary Locke, U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell, and many other successful business leaders. Who would take this business card? Who is having marital problems of this elite group? I tell Becky that whoever took the card obviously really needed it if they are going to take it from our basket. Well, whoever you are good luck with everything you have going on.


One comment

  1. Wow, that’s hilarious. Sounds like a TV show plot.

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