What I Wanted To Say

August 16, 2008

My uncle passed away from pancreatic cancer on June 23, 2008. He died in his sleep with family and friends. He was only 64 years old. Our family is spread out over the Pacific Northwest and the service wasn’t until a few weeks ago. My aunt asked me and my father to lead the service for Uncle Don. My dad read the obituary to the graveside gathering of about 30 people. And before I read aloud the letter my Uncle Ron wrote for Don’s service I said some words about my uncle. As I started to say the words I had rehearsed in the three hour car ride to Tri-Cities, I broke down. I skipped the end and closed with what I could get out. But here is what I wanted to share:

Don and Jeanine always had something special. I remember being a kid and seeing the love they had for each other and I knew it was special but I didn’t understand it. It wouldn’t be until I got older and I grew up that I understood that is what a marriage is supposed to be. That is what love is. Don you have shown me that you are the father I want to be and the husband I want to be.

You might think that you will be forgotten. But I will never forget you. You will live on in the memories I have. The scary stories you told me when I was a kid. The lazy afternoon at your house when we were spinning coins. All the Labor Day weekends. The sandwich we shared in Ellensburg. The Fourth of July in Albuquerque. The time we saw Neil Patrick Harris in that mexican restaurant. The first time I rode a horse. Your poached eggs. Our last dinner together – the butternut squash soup. And all the memories I have of you playing your guitar. I will miss your smile and your sense of humor.

Know that you will be missed and that you are loved.


One comment

  1. I remember reading this before. It is beautiful and perfect. I hope he knows how you felt about him.

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