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She Didn’t Like Her French Fries

October 29, 2007

The other night I had a date with this girl named Audrey. I knew that I would never see Audrey again after our date before I went on it. Audrey is six feet tall. On a good day, in tall shoes, and when gravity stops pressing down on me, I am five-foot-six – though my license says five-foot-seven.

Now height is not a deal breaker all the time. But for most girls it is. We both knew the height difference before the date. But I guess we both secretly hoped that we would have an instant spark where such dramatic differences in stature wouldn’t matter.

But there wasn’t a spark. Our date seemed forced. And she didn’t like her french fries. After the date, I gave her a hug and I never saw her again.


A Beer and a Shot

October 14, 2007

About an hour before the start of the fundraiser in honor of the late Tom Wales, I quickly downed a beer and a shot of cheap vodka. My invitation was the result of Amy and I sharing a small office together – Amy is the daughter of Tom. He was an assistant U.S. Attorney who was gunned down in his home on October 11, 2001 – his murder remains unsolved.

I didn’t want to go to this event. It was formal, it was on a beautiful Saturday night, and it was downtown. Parking would be a nightmare. My apathy for the event is the reason for the beer and a shot – get a little loose before I started to mingle with near strangers.

I got to the fundraiser and I saw it was a cash bar. Shit. I would definitely need a drink and I had forgotten cash. I asked a hotel employee where the closest ATM was and he said that he would show me where it was located. I followed him as we cut through another event at the hotel – a swanky auction with notable Seattleites. As we weaved, excused ourselves, and cut through the wealthiest of Seattle folk, I see former Governor Gary Locke walking towards me. I nod at him and he nods back at me. This exchange was missed on the less than graceful hotel employee.

I order a martini, make small talk with my tablemates and enjoy the best piece of chicken I had ever had. I was seated next to a good-looking girl named Ainsley. I had met her before at a political event – she is Gregoire’s fundraiser. Throughout the night, she gave me Husky football updates while she checked her BlackBerry a thousand times. Her cuticle was raw from the constant rubbing against her manicured nails – I guess that nervous tick is a consequence of politics and 16 hour days.

After the event wrapped up, I started talking to some Evans School Alums. And then I was introduced to a girl who just started her first year in the program. We started talking about the Peace Corps, past professors, our backgrounds, politics and before I knew it, she asked me for my phone number. Before she asked me for my number, I didn’t even see her as anything more than a person I met randomly at an event. After she asked, I saw her as someone who I would like to get to know better. We continued to talk. The event had cleared out and the banquet staff were the only other people around.

As I talked to her, there was a connection. She laughed at my stories, my insight at school, and I found her very enjoyable. The clock on the wall showed that we had been talking for a half hour. The conversation moved on to race and she told me that she was Filipino. That is when she dropped the dreaded “B” word. “Everyone tells my boyfriend and me that we are going to have beautiful children.” I honestly didn’t hear the next minute of what she said – I was trying to recover from that statement. As we continued to talk and I tried to mask my disappointment. Her ride came back into the ballroom and she said goodbye. I held my hand out to give her a handshake and she said that she we were past handshakes and she gave me a hug. As we parted, she yelled back at me and said that we would have to hang out sometime soon.

As I rode the escalator down of the Sheridan Hotel, I smiled – Because I just realized that her name is Marisa and the irony of that was not lost on me.


An Acquaintance and a Classmate

October 10, 2007

In today’s mail, I got the latest issue of my Alumni Magazine. There were a couple of things that struck me as I flipped through the glossy pages. There are some very successful alums from Eastern. I always think I am hot shit and then I read the Easterner and I see someone piloting Marine One. In fact, there is a photo of a girl who I used to know in high school who is doing her peace corps in Gambia – she used to be best friends with a girl who my best friend Brian dated for a few crazy months in the spring of 1999. I got to know her better at Eastern when she lived in the same building as my marketing group mate Tyler Campbell – But I digress.

As I quickly scanned the articles in the magazine, I flipped to the back. And I read the in memoriam section. And I look for my graduation year. And there is a name listed – Ryan Shearer, BAB in Human Resources. Since I got a marketing degree, the name stuck out at me because the department was pretty small.

I had a few classes with Ryan and I could picture him easily. I always thought he was a bit of a meathead. He was big, played hockey, blonde hair and was from Alaska. I saw him at parties and he always had cheap beer in his hand. The note in the Easterner just simply said he died on August 14, 2006.

I googled his name and his myspace page came up. There is a note on there dated February 19, 2006 that said his cancer came back and to pray for his family. Take a look at his profile.

This immediately reminded me of a guest who attended our wine event. Her name is Alison. And she worked for a company that was one of the sponsors of our event.

The night of the auction she bought an auction package for $600 – it was the “Be a Winemaker for a Day,” package. According to her co-workers, she bought it so that she and her husband could take a nice vacation together. Three weeks later, at the age of 34, her husband dies of a massive heart attack leaving her with a 10-month old.

Both of these people’s deaths seem so senseless and random. They were young and had their lives in front of them. It makes me appreciate what I have even more. And not to take things for granted. Life is so fragile and it can be gone in an instant. I felt really sad when I thought about Ryan and Alison’s husband – which is strange because I never really knew them.


A Glass of Water – Without Ice

October 2, 2007

First, let me apologize for not writing. I had written an entry about my recent love life. But it was shit. It was dribble. I rambled with no point. I don’t know if the experiences were too fresh to write about or if they offered any insight to my inner self. And that is why they remain as an unsaved word document open on my computer. Anyway?

When I saw Dr. Vicki Fidler back in 2005, she told me that I needed to get my wisdom teeth out. During this first appointment, she told me that there was a good chance that I would need root canals on the teeth in front of the wisdom teeth. Awesome.

While at Business Week at Pacific Lutheran University, my right tooth hurt like hell. I thought I had the dry rot from the wisdom teeth extraction. It got worse while I was in Spokane for the program at Gonzaga. With my wisdom teeth extraction, my benefits were maxed. But lucky for me, my benefits at PNRI started August 1 and on August 1, I had an appointment for my first root canal. The pain unbearable at that point. I couldn’t chew on that side. Water from the refrigerator was out. So was milk. The anesthetic didn’t work very during the first visit and there was times when I could feel the drilling in my teeth. To put it simply, it was hell.

On the second tooth, the Fidler thought she could get away with a filling – this would prevent me from getting a root canal. So about a month ago, I go in for a filling. My tooth wasn’t hurting but there was decay in the x-ray and she wanted to take care of it. Well needless to say, the filling made it worse. I was popping pills for pain. At one point over the weekend, I woke up in the middle of the night from the pain. It was awful. I called the Fidler and she scheduled me for an emergency root canal on Monday. And tonight I am pain free.

She wants me back in for two crowns on those root canals. But I think I can handle that. But lucky for me my yearly max in dental benefits has been reached. So she scheduled the appointment for mid January at 7:00 a.m. Bright and early.

Before my root canal, I had dinner with my old coworker Shannon. I told her about my problems and she just shook her head and professed to me that I have “third world teeth.” I laughed at her overtly racist comment as I asked the waitress for another glass of water without ice.