The Most Satisfying Delay

August 13, 2007

Currently I am sitting at the airport. My flight is delayed. It was supposed to board at 7:30 a.m. and it is 9:03 with no end in sight. When I arrived to the gate, there were not many open seats. The only other good seat left was a handicap seat. I thought about grabbing that seat but I thought better of it and I squeezed into another seat adjacent to it.

As every flight except mine boarded, a middle-aged man sits in the handicapped seat. He places his bag down and makes some phone calls. After the latest flight delay announcement, he gets up and leaves with his bag still in the handicap seat. I begin to think what a douche he is.

Then out of no where karma strikes. An Alaska Airlines employee wheels up a very elderly woman and asks everyone whose bag is occupying the seat. The Alaska Airlines employee is pissed. After no one spoke up, she moved the bad and helped the elderly woman into the seat. The employee calls out to the owner of the bag one last time, pages the owner over the loud speaker and the man does not claim it.

Twenty-five minutes pass.

The man returns with a cup of coffee and a muffin. He asks the woman next to me where his bag is and she curtly tells him that they had confiscated it. I had just watched the three Alaska Airlines make talk about the man. They looked through his bag and discovered that he is an executive vice president of some company and that he should know better about taking the handicap seat and leaving his bag unattended.

The man walks up to the desk and inquires about his bag. The three ladies at the desk say that it has been taken to security which has it at lost and found. And lost and found is behind the security line. He began to complain bitterly and said that he was only gone for three to five minutes. He even said that he flies on Alaska frequently and is a first class passenger. But the ladies held strong and told him to go out to lost and found to retrieve his bag.

I was hoping that he would miss our flight to Palm Springs. But with the continual delays he made it back in time. But the extra hassle he went through was the perfect karmic payback for taking the seat of a handicap person.


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