Breaking Up is Never Easy to Do

June 27, 2007

After a great 10-month relationship with Washington Business Week, I had to break up with her. I mean we had some great times together. The week in Aberdeen. Meeting CEOs of Washington’s most successful companies. Writing the newsletter and annual report. And all the great people I met because of this job. But it was time to move on. I know she liked me a lot. And I could have been happy with her.

But it was the little things that began to wear me down: the commute – 55 miles each day; the drive times – 35 minutes in the morning and 45 to an hour in the evening; the tremendous amount of work unrelated to development; the tremendous amount of work during summer, mostly uncompensated.

Then I met someone else. The Pacific Northwest Research Institute (PNRI). Our relationship happened unexpectedly and was very innocent. She has all the qualities of Business Week but less maintenance. She is a half mile from home, same pay, career mentorship, more vacation, a free bus pass, better summers and a great mission (curing diabetes). She asked me out and I said yes. I broke the news to Washington Business Week and she was very disappointed.

The earliest Business Week and I can break our lease together is July 16, 2007. I am going to help her find someone else and then I am going to move my stuff out. Business Week and I talked after I broke the news to her and it was awkward. We talked about everything else except the breakup. We acted like nothing happened. But I quietly broke the news to our mutual friends and they were sad that we broke up. It will be hard for Business Week but she will be fine. She was fine before she met me and she will be even better after me. My life will change greatly with the new girl, but I am excited about the new possibilities and our future together.


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