Consolation Prize

April 20, 2007

I knew if I hadn’t planned an activity as friends with Marisa Tomei (I have decided that this will be her identity in my blog), we would never see each other again. I think people offer the friendship card as a consolation prize to ease the blow of rejection. I know I have done this. There have been times when I never wanted to see a person ever again but I stupidly said lets be friends to ease the blow of rejection.

With Marisa, something was different. I honestly believe that she does like me and wants to be my friend. She is cool to hang out with and we had many laughs over our three dates, so why not give it a try. We made plans for Wednesday evening. We met at 7:30 and I thought the coffee shop closed at 9:00. But it closed at 8:00. So after a quick conversation, I asked her if she wanted to walk through the neighborhood. And we spent the following hour walking and talking on the Burke Gilman Trail.

As we talked, I came to some important realizations – 1) I did get caught up in things. I entered this coffee date with a step back and mild apprehension; And that allowed me to see objectively why would not work out. 2) However, I saw what attracted me to her in the first place. She is smart, funny, outgoing, a little crass (not more than me by any means), sarcastic and very pretty. And on some level, she understands that she is solely responsible for her own happiness and she is not afraid to jump into something, eyes closed, and search for that happiness.

It was almost completely dark when we finished our walk together. Our cars were the only ones left in the parking lot. We crossed the street and there was a medium sized puddle in my path. Marisa walked around it; I decided to jump it. As I jumped over the puddle, my right calves exploded with pain. I landed and began to limp. She told me that we could take a break – our cars were literally 25 feet away. I said I was fine and pushed through the pain. She gave me a hug and by the time I limped to my car and looked back, she was gone. I don’t know if Marisa and I will remain friends. We are still in the phase of a friendship where it takes work. Where it is easier not to call, than it is to call. But we’ll see. It is hard to make friends in the city, especially away from work and school. So maybe Marisa as a friend is not consolation prize after all, but a new opportunity.


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