Dayton is not the Capitol of Ohio

March 4, 2007

I was in Spokane again this past weekend – it was my grandma’s 94th birthday. And we had a family gathering at my mom’s cousin’s place (my first cousin once removed). Now here is where the genealogy lesson gets a little intense. My first cousin once removed (Maryann and her husband Ned) have two kids Anne Marie and David. They are my second cousins. Well Anne Marie is married to a man name Paul and I went to their wedding 11 years ago when I was in the eighth grade. Anne Marie and Paul have three children, Kaitlin (4th grade), Makayla (1st grade) and Kellen (3 years old). And for the record, these three are my second cousins once removed. The common link is our great grandparents but in their case, it would be their great-great grandparents. Confused, check out this wiki article for a great chart. Here are some pictures I took with my cell phone camera.

A photo of Kaitlin holding Makayla. Even after a masters degree, Kaitlin is smarter than me. Photo taken on March 3, 2007.

A photo of Kaitlin holding Makayla. Even after a master's degree, Kaitlin is smarter than me. Photo taken on March 3, 2007.

 A photo Kellen drinking his juice. Photo taken on March 3, 2007.

A photo Kellen drinking his juice. Photo taken on March 3, 2007.

 A photo all three kids. Photo taken on March 3, 2007.

A photo all three kids. Photo taken on March 3, 2007.

But during this particular family gathering, I realized something very important… I’m adopted! No… just kidding. I learned that I am no longer in the youngest generation anymore. With the addition of Anne Marie and Paul’s children, there is a new younger generation. I came to this realization when I had a glass of merlot in my hand and I was dishing up a heaping pile of mixed greens (my definition of being grown up).

Everyone knows my feelings on pets. I like dogs and cats as long they don’t drool on me, I don’t have to clean their poo and at the end of the day, I can leave them with their owner. My feelings on children are almost the same. And in both cases, I am generally not that excited to see children or pets.

I don’t know if it was the three glasses of merlot or the cold Spoklahoma air but last Saturday night but I had the most fun in a long time hanging out with Kaitlin, Makayla and Kellen. It started when Kellen made weird faces at me. So I made weird faces back at him. And then I asked Kaitlin if she was studying state capitols in her class. And she was. So I started naming states and she named their capitol (as far as I knew). Anne Marie asked me if I really knew the answers and I told her that Kaitlin could say just about anything and I would believe her. Later that night Kaitlin started to quiz me about state capitols. I seriously thought Dayton was the capitol of Ohio. And who has seriously heard of Montpelier? Needless to say I was schooled by a girl who weighs 65 pounds and is in the fourth grade – not that much different from my own fourth grade experiences.

Within minutes, I regressed to the maturity level of child and started throwing pillows left and right. Those three got a few good licks. Especially with their little kid fists, Kellen stepping on my secret no-no place a few times and Makayla doing air attacks from the ottoman. However, the kids were most impressed with my cell phone and wanted to take videos and pictures. They enjoyed the fact that I could touch my nose with my tongue and they liked that I could lift them with one arm. I wish impressing people was always that easy. I honestly don’t know if it was me or the kids who were most disappointed when I left.

And thankfully, during the night, I didn’t have to deal with any poo and only got drooled on once – so overall, my experience was pretty good. And like my experience with Eiger, my thoughts on kids are changing. And who knows, maybe in four years, when Kaitlin is in the eighth grade, she will be attending my wedding.


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