I Didn’t Have a Steak Knife

February 25, 2007

During a fundraising trip to Spokane last week, I scheduled to see some old friends for business and pleasure. I met Stephanie while in college and she now works for a credit union. And as a benefit, she is dating someone who works for Smith Barney. I suggested that we meet for dinner, catch up and I would pitch them about Business Week – they agreed.

I picked this greek restaurant I always wanted to try but never went to in the four years I lived in Spokane. And it was fantastic. It was great food and great wine. The conversation was good and it was great seeing Stephanie again. Stephanie lived in the same dorm as me and we became friends through a mutual friend I knew in high school. We played on the same intramural basketball team. Through college, Stephanie became good friends with Justin and I and we hung out a lot. But after graduation, Justin and I moved away and Stephanie stayed in Spokane.

Stephanie picked the beef kabobs and when dinner arrived, she asked me if I wanted one of her beef nuggets for a piece of my chicken. A very fair trade. Anyway, the nugget of beef she gave me was bigger than bite sized and I didn’t have a steak knife. So I stupidly put the entire thing in my mouth – no problem right. I can power through most food items with out any hassle.

Well there was a major problem. The problem was that over half of this oversized bite of beef was gristle and I didn’t realize it until it was too late. So here I am chewing this nugget of beef and nothing is happening. I keep on chewing and chewing and chewing and I am thinking to myself what the hell I am going to do. It was too big of a bite to spit it out into my cloth napkin and what if they see me spit it out. And I am trying to impress them so that they will give me money. Also, with this huge hunk of beef in my mouth, Shannon my co-worker, if forced to carry the conversation. I come to the conclusion that I will have to swallow the entire beef nugget and pray that I don’t choke to death. So I swallowed the partially masticated beef gristle and hoped for the best and it worked. Nobody noticed my situation and the evening marched on without incident.


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