Goodbye U-District

January 25, 2007

Over the past couple weeks, I have been seriously looking for a new place to live. Now that I am done with graduate school, I figured that I should move away from the place I have called home for two and half years – the longest place I have lived at since moving out of my home six years ago. On Monday, I looked at a place in the Eastlake neighborhood. It was almost perfect. Open kitchen, nice deck, one block from the water and very awesome neighborhood. But it didn’t work out. So I continued my search and called on a place in capitol hill and I saw the place the next day. This large one bedroom plus den has hardwood floors and a parking spot. It is in one of the best and quiet neighborhoods and close to everything. It is walking distance to grocery stores, bars, restaurants, music stores and other neighborhood treasures. The apartment manager showed me the place and told me that three other people were going to see it and he was going to evaluate me on a number of factors. Two days later, he calls me and I have the place.

Kelli has offered to paint my apartment. She has a great eye for color and loves to paint. She has already picked out some samples and has given me some great ideas. In addition to painting, I plan to buy a new bed very soon.

Like I have said in previous blog entries, I will be sad to leave. I will miss Tully’s and all the people who I see regularly there. I will miss my YMCA and all those familiar faces. I will miss the farmers market and the movie theaters. I will miss my friends in the u-district and the University. The church folk and the girl with the classic car. The place where I get my haircut and my Chinese restaurant – chopstick for one. And most strange, I will miss the places I never got around to see. The coffee shop around the corner or the Irish bar down the street. But I guess that is the true irony of life.

I figured that I won’t tell Crystal at Tully’s that I am moving away. Just one day, I won’t show up. A year ago during the summer, I went to Spokane for a month. And when I got back Zoe said that she was wondering where I went. I wonder if that will happen with Crystal or the lady at the Chinese restaurant or my apartment manager. If they will wonder what happened to me after I left.


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