Anne’s Yoga Schedule

September 27, 2006

It is very strange taking over someone’s job position. I replaced a girl named Anne. She had been the development coordinator since the position was created two years ago but Anne took a new job in Portland. Every time I introduce myself to someone affiliated with Washington Business Week, I say that I am the “New Anne.” Today, I began to go slowly through the things she left behind in her office. Random papers and stacks of files. Diet coke cans neatly tossed into Trader Joe’s sacks. A Capitol Hill yoga schedule hangs tilted on the push board.

Throughout the day, I try to make sense of the random notes, phone numbers and business cards scattered throughout her desk. In her old CD player, I find a mixed CD titled “Birthday Mix.” I press play. The mix starts with Shawn Colvin and then leads into some smooth dinner jazz. But the highlight of the CD was the three Johnny Cash songs in a row – Folsom Prison, Walk the Line and Ring of Fire. As I sat in my office, with the music quietly playing, I began to think about these random items and how they began to show what kind of person Anne is. What things she liked and did in her free time. I began to think about life. Are we just the sum of our experiences? Was her Yoga schedule just a small piece to the sum of her life? I wish I had gotten to know Anne better to discover the answer.


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