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Death Cab For Cutie at the Metro

September 28, 2006

My friend Melissa used to work at the Metro Theater here in Seattle (the nine-plex six blocks from my apartment). A co-worker called her tonight and told her that she just took the ticket stubs from Ben Gibbard and the rest of Death Cab for Cutie going to Jackass 2. Thought I would share.


Anne’s Yoga Schedule

September 27, 2006

It is very strange taking over someone’s job position. I replaced a girl named Anne. She had been the development coordinator since the position was created two years ago but Anne took a new job in Portland. Every time I introduce myself to someone affiliated with Washington Business Week, I say that I am the “New Anne.” Today, I began to go slowly through the things she left behind in her office. Random papers and stacks of files. Diet coke cans neatly tossed into Trader Joe’s sacks. A Capitol Hill yoga schedule hangs tilted on the push board.

Throughout the day, I try to make sense of the random notes, phone numbers and business cards scattered throughout her desk. In her old CD player, I find a mixed CD titled “Birthday Mix.” I press play. The mix starts with Shawn Colvin and then leads into some smooth dinner jazz. But the highlight of the CD was the three Johnny Cash songs in a row – Folsom Prison, Walk the Line and Ring of Fire. As I sat in my office, with the music quietly playing, I began to think about these random items and how they began to show what kind of person Anne is. What things she liked and did in her free time. I began to think about life. Are we just the sum of our experiences? Was her Yoga schedule just a small piece to the sum of her life? I wish I had gotten to know Anne better to discover the answer.


A Moment to Catch My Breath

September 16, 2006

I am employed. Though I have been working since late August, it feels like I have been on the go everyday. I am working for a place called Washington Business Week. No, they are not a magazine. No, they are not affiliated with the magazine. We provide programs to high students so that they can learn about business principles in a fun and engaging way. We show them how the principles they learn in the classroom have real world application. And my role in this nonprofit is to raise money, one donor at a time.

I am pretty excited by my new job. The people are wonderful. Young and engaging, the office is pretty light and hardworking. There are six other people in my office and we are located in Federal Way. Just over 25 miles from my apartment. I expect good things to come from this job and I know I can make a difference. So, if you see a random 253 area code call you, it might be me, seeking your support.