The Girl with the Red Shoes

August 24, 2006

Yesterday, I was lying on a blanket, basking in the sun while saving seats for the Decemberists’ show last night, when in this stunningly beautiful girl walked up to me. She stood over and looked down at me while her body blocked the sun from my eyes. She had long brown curly hair, blue eyes, a perfect smile, had a pair of very fashionable jeans and bright red shoes. I was stunned. What did she want with me? The girl with the red shoes asked me if the small patch of grass next to our blanket was taken. Blushing profusely, I said something like “Uhhh… um… uhhh… no, not taken, it’s… uhhh… all [voice crack] [cough] all yours.” Needless to say, I wasn’t very good with the communication… maybe she thought it was endearing.


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