Goodbye Tully’s Girl and Summer of Nick

August 19, 2006

This week has been the most stressful week of all summer. Let us just say the summer of nick is over. I still haven’t finished those books, I haven’t worked out everyday and my apartment is far from tidy. The job situation is by far the most stressful part, it is so involved and complicated that I don’t want to even talk about it. I will once it is all resolved and I have a feeling by one week from now it will be all clear.

But my job troubles are not what I want to focus on. I want to talk about Tully’s Girl. I have talked at length about Tully’s and Tully’s Girl in my blog. Tully’s is my coffee shop. I have seen so many people leave: David, Andie, and Andrea just to name a few. They were some of my favorites. They always knew what drink I wanted and they knew about my life. They knew what days I was heading to Olympia, they knew when I was studying and they knew when I was heading for class. They were the first smiling face I would see every morning. But David got fired for showing up late, Andrea took another job and Andie went to school. But I always had Tully’s Girl. The one constant in my coffee life for the past two years.

It is easy to compare ones life to chapters in a book. Some chapters are longer, others shorter. Some of the characters remain and you meet new ones. The locations change and so do the situations. And the challenges are different. But the main character is a constant, traveling through the story, growing and developing. And it is clear to me now that a chapter is about to end. The chapter around graduate school. I am no longer taking classes. No longer walking to campus. The people I saw everyday are gone. Either moving away or taking jobs throughout Seattle. My routine is slowly changing too. I even promised myself after graduate school I would move to another neighborhood. But lately I had resisted that idea.

For all of the faults in the u-district, it has become my home. I walk to the YMCA and work out. The people there know me by name. The lady at the Chinese Restaurant knows I always get the chow mein. And there is Tully’s Girl. The girl who I asked out on a post it note. The girl who made me more cups of coffee than anyone else. We always had good banter. And she was always there. It is weird how sad I felt when Jake told me that Zoe had taken another job and her last day would be September 4. He whispered it because he didn’t want the other customers to know. That is how much Zoe meant to the community. I saw how other patrons interacted with her. How she always made them smile. She once told me that she knew the drink orders for over 700 people. She didn’t always know their name but she knew their drink. I walked out of Tully’s in a daze and quietly drove to work. I thought to myself how sad I felt about a girl who I didn’t even know her last name. Then it hit me. It wasn’t Tully’s Girl that made me so sad, it was the realization that everything was about to change. Realizing that I was reading the last few pages in a great chapter of my life. Everything will change in the next few weeks and months. I will have a new job – hopefully, I will have a new apartment and a new neighborhood, and I will meet new people in my life. I know this next chapter will be good but I am sad that this one is over.


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