Lost and Found

June 28, 2006

About two years ago, I received a notice in the mail that I had a package that was too large to be delivered to my mailbox. I rode my bike with much interest to the Cheney post office to see what I had received. It was my diploma from EWU. Well it was during the summer and I was in the process of moving to Seattle. Boxes everywhere, trash scattered in piles only discernable to me – to put it mildly, my apartment was a mess.

When I served on the EWU board of trustees, the president of the University gave me this nice diploma frame as a gift for my service. And when I looked for my diploma to put it in the frame, it was no where to be found. I search everywhere and the only conclusion I could come up with was that I must have thrown it out in the process of moving.

Everyone assured me that it would turn up and when I got to Seattle, I looked through every box I brought and no luck. I lost my diploma. Time passes and I look at the EWU website and I found that I can reorder my diploma for the low cost of $20. I even called my friend Justin to see what date they printed on the diploma to reorder it. But I procrastinate ordering it because I figure that I will get my degree from UW and will have my masters degree diploma.

A few days ago, I look at my schedule and I see that I have an appointment with my dentist Vicki Fidler. Her practice, (and I swear this is the truth) is called Fidler on the Tooth. Her appointment reminder cards are tickets to see the Fidler – admit one only. And like always, a week before my dentist appointment, I become the model of dental hygiene. I floss twice a day, I brush meticulously, I use mouthwash and I wear my retainer like I did back in the fifth grade – every night. But there is one problem, I cannot find my retainer. I look everywhere – behind the TV, in between the mattresses, under the toilet and I even look in all my bookshelves. I am defeated.

I head back to my room to stack my menagerie of file folders on my desk. I do this in hopes that if I get organized, I will find my retainer by accident. I carelessly open the desk drawer and the files spill all over my bedroom floor. But I suddenly do not care, for there is my retainer stuck between some pens and notepads. I smile with great joy. I then lean over to pick up my files – files that I have not looked at in years – and I see the white folder containing my diploma. After two years it randomly appears. So I can sleep soundly tonight knowing that my undergraduate diploma is safe and sound, in the frame given to me as a gift and my teeth will be flossed and straight for my appointment with the Fidler on the Tooth.


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