Untitled – April 11, 2006

April 11, 2006

Well I am back from Boulder Colorado. It was an interesting trip for sure. The attractive girl I sat next to on the plane was quite interesting. I saw her reading Malcolm Gladwell’s book the Tipping Point. And I asked her if she had read any of his other books. That led to an hour-long conversation. It turns out that she lives in Seattle and grew up in Spokane. She went to the UW as an undergraduate and now works for a large pharmaceutical company. I asked her is she was a sales person or a scientist and she said scientist – in all honesty, the fact that she is a scientist turned me on a little bit.

I left the plane and headed toward baggage claim. I saw a fellow board member from Notre Dame. We picked up our bags, bought a shuttle ticket and went to get lunch. As we were walking past a crowded bar, I saw the attractive girl again. She waved at me and I waved back. Our encounter reminded me of the movie Red Eye where Rachel McAdams keeps on running into Cillian Murphy either on the plane or the airport. I never did get her name.

Boulder is a strange place. The brown, tumbleweed filled landscape reminded me of Eastern Washington but with less basalt. But the Rockies were breathtaking – well maybe that was me out of breath – Boulder is 200 feet higher than Denver. The city is filled with a progressive affluent white majority. I can honestly say I did not see one black person there. I must say that I was a little depressed when I got there. It was my birthday and I was spending it with the company of near strangers.

The campus is beautiful. The temperature shifts were dramatic. On Friday, I woke up to snow and by dinner, it was 70 degrees. One final observation from the trip was that they don’t sell alcohol in grocery stores. The have privately owned alcohol stores. We ended up at Liquor Mart where my fellow board members bought a fifty-dollar bottle of scotch for the meeting. Justin from Notre Dame recommended grenadine and Schweppes for the five Mormons on our board. With our new refreshments, the meeting went extremely well. Only my hotel mate Serge was visibly intoxicated at the end.

But the conference was a success and the board meeting was good. Flying back in to Seattle was stressful again. In addition to my flight leaving late, the bag belt at the airport broke and it took forever to get my bag back. I texted updates to Katie who had volunteered to pick me up. It was nice to see the Seattle skyline. I knew at that point, I was home.


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