Untitled – March 30, 2006

March 30, 2006

I have a facebook.com profile. And a new feature facebook added this year is a March Madness tournament bracket challenge. You fill out a bracket see how you are doing compared with others from your college and also see how you are doing nationally. My rank at UW is currently 1909 out of 2577. But the most amazing thing about the entire thing is who currently is in first place at UW.

The person in first place is an Asian freshman girl named Jessica. She is from Redmond and is majoring in Architecture Art/Art History – this information is known from her facebook profile. Her favorite TV shows include Project Runway and One Tree Hill. Her favorite book is Pride and Prejudice. But somehow, in her infinite wisdom she picked George Mason to make it to the championship game. While it should be noted that she also picked Big Sky team Montana to make it to the Final Four – which may show a general lack of understanding of college basketball.

But who am I to say that she is wrong. Jessica is in first place. She correctly picked George Mason’s progress thus far. George Mason upset MSU, UNC and UCONN. Jessica’s first place run is as amazing as George Mason’s run at the title. Who would have ever expected an eleventh seeded team to make it to the Final Four, then again, who would have expected the number one fan of Project Runway beating out the boys and coming close to winning the bracket challenge. I am pulling for Jessica – I hope she wins it all. She gives us all hope that with a little luck and vision, anything is possible.


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