Untitled – March 14, 2006

March 14, 2006

The night of the social I remember looking at her ring finger – something I never thought myself doing. And she didn’t have a ring. A single guy like me has to check these days because so many people my age are married. So as I mentioned before, I asked her out. A few hours after I sent my email, I receive this response that says that she not only seeing someone, she is married.

This is by far a first for me. As I read her email, I felt shocked and embarrassed. I couldn’t believe I asked out a married woman. But then I realized that it was not that bad. With time, it will become a good cocktail party story – another self-deprecating story I add to my collection that will always get a laugh. She still wanted to get coffee and we did. We talked about college experiences, athletics, work, movies and relationships (or my recent lack of). She promised me that she would help me find someone.

After reflecting on this, I am glad that it worked out this way. I made a new friend. And in these troubling times, it is nice to have a good laugh with new friends. And now I will always have this story – another lesson learned.


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