Untitled – February 8, 2006

February 8, 2006

The Seahawks lost. I didn’t believe they could win until the interception returned back for 76 yards and when Jeremy Stevens scored a touchdown to make it 10 to 14. Then my hope was dashed and everything fell apart. It’s still nice in Seattle and it makes me almost sad that I am leaving for a trip to Miami. Well not that sad. I am taking a red eye tonight to Miami to attend a national graduate and professional student conference. It should be great. We are going to go to Miami Beach where it is currently 70 degrees, sunny and beautiful. Our host mused that he didn’t recommend swimming because of the “cold front” blowing through the area – the temp dropped from 75 to 70. That sounds like paradise to me.

This will mark my first East Coast trip in my entire life. I am pretty excited. I am trying to get Justin to go with me to go somewhere warm this spring break but we will see. I hope to take a bunch of pictures and post them to my website. Check back tomorrow evening to see if I have posted some pictures. I will sip some tropical drink in honor of all of you still here in Washington.


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