Untitled – February 5, 2006

February 5, 2006

Superbowl Sunday!!! It is about four hours from the big game and I am trying to do some homework – but I have been less than successful. First, it is freaking beautiful outside right now. To put this into perspective, yesterday it poured. The wind gusted up to 50 miles per hour and the front window in my apartment leaked – allowing water to gush in. As I look out the window today, there is not a cloud in sight – I didn’t even wear a coat to get coffee this morning.

You can feel the excitement in Seattle. When I went to Tully’s this morning, the place was packed. There was an extra barista and Zoe was extremely chipper. We exchanged our usual witty banter and I got my mocha. Everyone is wearing blue and green. Which is shocking. Seattle is not a sports city. We are white collar. We sip lattes. Play Frisbee. Go hiking. Design and build airplanes. We are doctors and computer engineers – not rabid sports fans. Jay Leno mused that if there were a riot in Seattle, the police would not use pepper spray but a pepper mill.

Maybe it is fate that the day of the Superbowl, we have the most beautiful day of the year. I forgot how beautiful this place is. The Olympics to the west and the Cascades to the east – Mount Rainier towering over the city. These mountains remind how great this place is. I love the way the breeze blows in from the Sound, it brings a type of moist air I have never seen before.

Seattle and Pittsburgh are great American cities. And if it were any other Superbowl, I would be rooting for Pittsburgh. I love Bill Cower and Jerome Bettis. I love the story of Big Ben and how he was a back-up quarterback last year who came in on the second game of the year and won 13 straight. But it is my team that is here. There may never be a team in Seattle this good for a long time. And we may not make it to the big game again for a while. So I will savor today. I will cherish it. I am heading over to a friend’s place to watch the game. I wanted to stay home by myself. I have watched my Seahawks all my life – often times by myself or in silence with my father. Seahawk football is always a quiet Sunday ritual. Always an internal strife. Living and dying by every pass. Let us hope for a win. While I know that God does not care about the outcome of today’s game, maybe this sunshine is a subtle hint that he is on our side.


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