What I Have Learned This Past Year

December 31, 2005

About a week before Hurricane Katrina, I was helping my best friend get married. It was a beautiful week in Utah. I learned how quickly life passes. It seems like yesterday, I was in grade school, when I mistakenly took Brian’s coat. I would have never imagined back then, that I would be his best man. I had two other weddings I attended during the summer – I learned how to celebrate.

This past year I ran for two positions of student government. I lost an executive senator position on my birthday and won the vice president position a month later. I learned how to appreciate good music and good food. I started this year with a drink in my hand and watching A.C. Newman sing the latest hits off his CD. I would learn to appreciate good movies and literature. I learned that Tully’s girl makes the best mochas in my neighborhood and that when she writes hearts on my coffee cup that DOES NOT mean she wants to date me. I made some new friends this year and said goodbye to my dog Beulah.

Nationally, I learned that Bush does not care about Black People. We heard that “Brownie you’re doing a heck of a job.” And we saw the destruction of a major US city because of bad planning and a poor reaction by the national government. However, we saw a nation respond admirably and every state in the union took in Katrina evacuees.

This past year something rare happened – in the month of February, Seattle saw 22 straight days of sunshine. This past year, I played Frisbee in the park, barbequed during sunset, changed a flat, had some amazing dinners, built a bonfire, emceed an event, spoke to three governors, gave a best man’s toast, fell in love with sushi and bought a “new” car. As I finish my degree at the Evans School, I understand the importance of financial contributions to non-profits and I hope you donate anything you can to your favorite non-profits.

 Camera photo of the Neptune Theater Marquee in Seattle, WA on December 20, 2005. Peter Jacksons King Kong, I wish I knew how to quit you. Photo by Nick Peyton.

I am sorry to those I have not spoken to some of you in a long time. I think of all of you often and how you have shaped my life somehow for the better. If you want to read more musings from me or if you want to see photos from Brian’s wedding, please go to my website: http://www.geocities.com/nickoroni. Remember to live life to the fullest, dream, wonder and explore because, you never know. To everyone, happy new year!


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