Untitled – December 10, 2005

December 10, 2005

March 2004. That was my last long term relationship. Now that 2006 is quickly approaching, I am getting a little worried. There is this girl that I really like but I don’t know if she likes me. I had a great conversation with her. I was funny. She was funny. But I don’t know.

The holidays are pretty rough on those who are single. So many parties to attend. The worst part is when you have to respond whether or not you will bring guests. Evite is even more depressing. Not only do one has to respond if they are bringing guests but everyone else knows that you are not bringing anyone. People tell me that I am young and I need not worry yet. But it seems like all the good people are taken. Maybe by the time I am 30 the first round of divorces will be over for my generation and I can marry a girl from a failed marriage.


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