Untitled – October 1, 2005

October 1, 2005

I just got home from the Evans School welcome barbeque. I played bartender all night. Which is my secret dream. Today was a typical Seattle day. It was cloudy this morning and then the clouds burned off leaving the sun to warm the air below. However, there was a cold front coming in from the north. And even the most amateur weather person knows that this situation creates thunderstorms.

The barbeque started at five. And at 4:30, all hell broke loose. It started to pour rain. Then with the unstable air, it began to thunder and lightning. As most Seattleites will tell you, it is rare that rain will pour and it is rarer that it will thunder and lightning. Lightning and thunder were crashing all around us. And in the 50 yards from the car to the house, I was soaked. After an hour of this, it stopped.

Since I had been standing by the keg all night, for better or worse, my glass was always full. Two first year students were standing outside with me – Chase and Sophia. I smoked a cigarette with them and looked upon the evening sky. The clouds looked orange and red as the sun set in the distance. The neighborhood was quiet. After the rain and the thunder, the stillness was startling. The high from the cigarette and the buzz from my beer were wonderful and I could not help but wonder what this year will bring.


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