Untitled – September 28, 2005

September 28, 2005

Today was the start of classes of my last year in higher education. And unlike most first days of classes I actually slept in and I was not that excited about starting school. I guess after 18 years of first school days, I have the routine down pretty well. Like always, I was running pretty late today. And if I think about it, me being late today started last Wednesday. Let me explain.

Last Wednesday, I saw The Arcade Fire play at the Paramount. It was a great show. They recently played with David Bowie in New York at the Fashion Rocks show. I recommend anyone who likes music to buy their latest CD titled Funeral – track seven will change your life. Anyway, the concert made me miss the season premiere of Lost. Thursday night we had amateur hour poker night, where I had two horrible games. I guess I will never be a rounder. Saturday, I saw the New Pornographers play at the Showbox in downtown Seattle. That show was awesome too. And after two jack & cokes and a vodka tonic, I could have danced all night long. Sunday was a coworkers birthday and of course we had to go out for dinner. Monday there was an event to welcome the new students at the Evans School. Last year when I was a new student at the event had a few too many drinks and so I felt that it was appropriate that I should drink too much again. As you can see I celebrated the end of summer in style and with my glass raised high.

My activities these past few days is not what I want this entry to be about. They set the table for my point. I missed last weeks episode of Lost. But by the grace of God, my friends Michael and Edie have Tivo and thankfully, they went to the concert. Therefore, they recorded Lost on their Tivo. They burned it to a dvd and gave it to me to watch today. The only free time I had to watch it was in my office after my meeting and before my night class at six. I finished watching Lost at ten minutes before six and ran to my class across campus. I did not have time to grab dinner so I ran to the store below my classroom and grabbed a nutrigrain bar and a Luna bar.

I was about to open the Luna – having never bought one before – when I noticed it’s trademark slogan, “The Whole Nutrition Bar for Women.” On the outside of the packaging there is three women silhouettes doing yoga, kabbalah or Pilates. On the flip side of the bar there is a quote from the Women of Luna, “We believe that what we put into our bodies matters; food feeds our souls, lifts our spirits, nourishes and sustains us. … Luna is 100 percent natural and meets many of the specific requirements women need everyday.” I immediately felt embarrassed. I quickly opened the Luna bar, hiding the label from my peers and I took out the “Nutz Over Chocolate,” bar. I placed the wrapper into my pocket. And I devoured the Luna bar as if it was the first food I had all day.

In hindsight I do not know why I was embarrassed by the Luna bar. Maybe I am still afraid of the first day of classes. Maybe I still want to make a good impression. I guess the ghosts of being an awkward Asian kid in the Tri-Cities still haunt me – especially when I saw that my dinner was made for a woman.


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