Untitled – September 20, 2005 – Part Two

September 20, 2005

I have an interesting situation. I may or may not have asked out Tully’s girl on a post-it note. I know it sounds so much like middle school but bare with me. Over the past few days, Tully’s girl and I have been working together to get a student discount card at Tully’s. In between paying, waiting for my coffee, and picking up my coffee we worked out the details of a pretty good discount card for UW students.

Today I walk in as usual. Our relationship is such that when I walk in, Tully’s girl starts making my coffee. It does not matter how many customers are ahead of me. Say there are two people in front of me paying and waiting for their coffee but by the time I pay for my coffee, my drink is done and handed to me before the two fools in front of me get theirs. Today was the same. A girl who ordered tea and a muffin was ahead of me and she was waiting for her tea. I was waiting for my coffee when Tully’s girl place my coffee on the counter and did the universal finger command for “come over here.” I walked over. Tully’s girl asked me if I had a business card – I checked my pockets and said that I did not but I could get her one. I asked her when she got off work and she replied eleven.

A few years ago before Christmas, my parents – serving as a proxy for Santa – asked me what I wanted in my stocking. I didn’t have a really good idea of what I wanted and I quickly blurted out that I could use some office supplies. Somehow my parents reached Santa in time and believe it or not, I had all the office supplies I needed Christmas morning. This included a million post-it notes.

I arrived back at my apartment, with Mocha in hand, in search of business cards in my desk. While rummaging through my desk drawers, I saw all the post-it notes I had received for Christmas. Seeing all the post-its reminded me of the Sex in the City episode where Jack Berger breaks up with Carrie on a post-it note – then I had this crazy idea.

On a post-it note I quickly wrote this message, “Zoe, Give me a call sometime if you want to get a drink [my phone number], – Nick” I attached the post-it to the back of my business card and headed down to Tully’s. I went in and she raised her arms with excitement. She needed the card to prove to her manager that our business deal together was real. She thanked me for the card and flipped it over. I saw her reading the post-it note as walked away and told her I would see her later.


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