Untitled – September 15, 2005

September 15, 2005

Yesterday I had to go to Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington for a meeting of the Washington Learns Steering Committee. I left my apartment at 7:15 in the morning, to drive the 71 miles to Olympia. It was a typical Seattle morning – the kind of mornings that I love. It was cold and cloudy and my freshly brewed cup of coffee was the perfect complement to the day. I popped in couple of new CDs into the player and I drove down I-5 until I arrived at the college.

I forgot how much I missed driving. Last year, I did not have a car over here in Seattle. I was at the mercy of friends and public transportation. Frankly, I did not mind not having a car – traffic can be unbearable.

When I arrived at Evergreen, I was surprised at how beautiful the campus was. First, Evergreen is located in the forest. You drive about three miles in from the interstate and it reminded me of entering a state park instead of a state college. The parking lot is about 500 yards from the main part of campus and you walk along a paved trail through the forest to campus. It was amazing. The air was so crisp and when I exhaled, my breath seemed to hang in the still morning air. It was eerily quiet and the scent of pine trees was quite overwhelming. I walked slowly on the path, through campus, to my meeting.

This marked my second time being at Evergreen. In 1984, my parents and our family friends took a trip along the Olympic Coast when I was two years old that included a stop at Evergreen. I think about the time that has past in those 21 years, the experiences I have had and I wonder where along the way, I grew up.


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