Untitled – September 1, 2005

September 1, 2005

It is somewhat strange to bemoan about my daily trails about Tully’s Girl when there is so much unrest from the hurricane – when there are people starving without food and thirsty without water. When there is civil unrest from people just trying to stay alive. But as the news organizations like to point out, tragedy brings the best out of humanity. In three days, the US raised over 90 million dollars, which can be compared to the 30 million raised in three days for the Tsunami relief in Southeast Asia. At the University of Washington, its president said he would enroll students from Tulane University and the tuition raised would go back to Tulane.

It is important to remember that there are plenty of people who are starving without food and thirsty without water in other countries where there is not a 10 billion-aid package promised from their governments. There are places in this world where people are dying from diseases that we have vaccines to prevent. There are people in Africa that will not live past 30 because they are born with HIV – a preventable disease that we should be able to eliminate like small pox. It is important to remember that there are families in our own neighborhoods who need assistance to pay for their utility bill or buy school supplies for their children. We must remember to give when not only we see horrible images on TV, but when we see poverty in the street, kids without coats, or families who need a little extra money to get by. It is our responsibility.

I am going to ask for two things. First, please give money to help those displaced by the hurricane. Second, when able, please give money often to causes that you want to support. Whether it be to help people from starving in the Sudan, preventing the spread of HIV, helping your local food bank, supporting a local non-profit or giving your leftovers to someone on the street – anything helps. One yellow bracelet is only the beginning.

Please visit these web sites to give money to hurricane relief:


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