Untitled – August 8, 2005

August 8, 2005

I am currently in the Law library. The library is set up in such a way where there are large group tables in the study section. At each table, it can hold four people comfortably. The tables are so large, that in fact, four people can have all of their crap tossed and strewn out on the table and not interfere with others. It is a perfect working condition – expect for one thing. People sit directly in front of you and at times, it can be distracting.

In front of me right now are two medical students. Medical students are notorious about letting everyone know they are medical students. The person in front of me is named Cory. You may ask how I know that – I can read his giant nametag from the VA Puget Sound Health Care System, which he works at. His nametag is proudly draped around is neck like a war medal – even though he is not at work. He is gently stroking the back of his incredibly hot fiancé. I know they are only engaged because she has a ring on her finger and Cory does not have one around his.

She is studying from note cards, while Cory randomly highlights passages from his orthopedics book. Every so often, they whisper things to each other – from my limited lip reading abilities, I get that she is tired and just wants to talk to him, while Cory wants to study and get the hell out of medical school. I cannot blame him really. If I was paying UW’s medical school costs, I would too.


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