Untitled – August 4, 2005

August 4, 2005

Seattle is perfect for a warm cup of coffee in the morning. Most of the time, there is a thin layer of clouds in the morning, with a cool breeze blowing in from the sound and a warm caffeinated jolt it the perfect wake-up. I used to work in a building that was two long blocks away from my apartment. On those two blocks, there are six coffee shops: Tully’s, Starbucks, Sureshot, an organic coffee shop, the Oasis and the Peruvian. I was indifferent about which coffee shop I would patronize – until I met this girl named Zoe.

Most weekdays, Zoe works at Tully’s in the morning. After only coming in a few times, she knew my drink and my name. As soon as I would walk in, she would start preparing my cup for my morning mocha. There was always a flirty connection between us, but I had a feeling that she was that way to all of her customers – who am I to think that I am that great?

As you know, I was out of town for a month; therefore, I did not see Zoe for over a month. I walked in to Tully’s on Monday for the first time since June. Jokingly she asked if I did not like her anymore. I said I was out of town. She smiles and prepares my coffee.

I then walk over to the law library to start working on my internship project. I am about to leave for lunch and I get up to throw away my coffee cup, when something catches my eye, (see photo below).

Photo of my Tully's Cup. The photo was taken on August 3, 2005. Is this love?

Photo of my Tully's Cup. The photo was taken on August 3, 2005. Is this love?

You are exactly right – those are hearts. At this point, I am shocked. Was it true; was our flirty everyday banter more than I thought it was or was she just happy to see me after a long absence? The last time someone wrote hearts for me was in high school. I knew a girl who would draw hearts in my planner on the days she was having her “lady days.” So you can say that I was a little unsure what the meaning behind Zoe’s hearts were. I needed further investigation. I went back the next day, but she was on the phone. She had the next day off. Finally, today I went back, complemented on her new hair color and talked to her for the briefest of moments. Some of my coworkers want me to ask her out, but I have touched the hot stove too many times – I already know the outcome. Well I will keep you posted on my daily coffee grind.


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