Untitled – July 22, 2005

July 22, 2005

Last night I attended the Evans School Summer Downtown Happy Hour. I took the bus that was supposed to take me there around 5:20… I didn’t want to be there first and be in charge of saving spots/tables – not my favorite activity in life but every bus I took was early and instead of wandering around lost (like I always do), I found the place without much trouble – So I got there right at 5:00, when it started.

I peered through the decorative windows of the small Caribbean bar and I see Jason – the most socially awkward person I have ever met. Jason is signed up to go to the Peace Corps, and by doing that program, he would be gone for three years. Some people at the Evans School are counting down the days until he is gone. Jason has a host of medical problems wrong with him, but the most disturbing one he has shared is his irritable bowel syndrome. Every gathering I have attended, where Jason has been there, his IBS has come up. There are some topics in life, you never share with others – IBS is one of them.

When I saw Jason sitting there, I thought about keeping on walking – acting as if I did not see the place. I had heard the previous gathering had a small crew, and the last thing I wanted to do at “happy” hour was to listen to the IBS story again – but I decided to stomach it (no pun intended) and I walked in. Jason was talking to Margaret, a girl that won a beauty competition in Oklahoma; I greeted them both and ordered a Red Stripe. After a couple minutes of strained conversation between us, I began praying to the Lord above that someone else walk in and end my misery.

And just like that, Odette walked in with her 2-carat diamond ring from her venture capitalist husband. Odette’s diamond so large that it could help guide ships into the pier on foggy nights. More people began to trickle in, and before I knew it, the place was hopping. I was sitting a couple of tables away from Jason, and I could hear Odette scolding Jason for telling his IBS story again. I could only shake my head and order another beer.


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