Untitled – July 12, 2005

July 12, 2005

My friend Priscilla had a party at her house on the South Hill in Spokane, Washington the other night. She is the type of person who knows many people. She would be the type a person Malcolm Gladwell would describe as a connector.

Somebody had brought this herb dip to the party and it was heaven in my mouth. As I was heading back for more, I starting talking to this couple at the party, Matthew and Laura, and they asked how I knew Priscilla. I told them that I was doing my internship for the Evans School at EWU… Laura asked me where I grew up.

Nick: Tri-Cities
Laura: Oh yeah, that is where I grew up, which city?
Nick: Richland (At that point I had a feeling that we went to the same high school)
Laura: Me too, what high school?
Nick: Hanford, and you? (I knew it at that point she was going to say Hanford)
Laura: I went to Hanford too! Okay, what year did you graduate?
Nick: 2000
Laura: I graduated in 1997.

Then we spent the next ten minutes playing that painful game in life of trying to figure out who are our mutual acquaintances from 5-8 years ago.

I thought it was strange that we were both at this party so I am going to depict this point visually:

Nick (Hanford/EWU) – works with Priscilla (EWU) – married to Matt (Gonzaga Law) – is friends with Matthew (Gonzaga Law) – married to Laura Cook-Crotty (Hanford High School 1996 Homecoming Queen) (Hanford) – went to high school with – Nick

What is particularly strange is Priscilla moved to Spokane from San Francisco with her husband Matt just two years ago. I submit to you that if Priscilla were to map out her acquaintances and friends for her entire life, you would expect to see more strange crossovers like Laura and mine. This is because Priscilla is a connector. This is the point Malcolm Gladwell makes in his book the Tipping Point. I guess the point of this pointless entry is: Read the Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell – it is a great book with real-world practicality.


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