Untitled – July 9, 2005

July 9, 2005

I just got done reading an article about the Space Shuttle Columbia that was lost about two and half years ago. Wow. I cannot believe that much time has past. I remember being in my apartment, waking up on that Saturday morning, watching the remaining pieces of the shuttle streak beautifully across the sky. I was taken back about how beautiful it looked, while, it represented such tragedy. Photo courtesy of the Associated Press.

Shuttle Columbia breaks up over Texas

After all the investigations, it is eerie to read they were already doomed soon after they took off – a small piece of foam braking off, striking the wing, removing a heat-shielding tile and exposing a fatal point of entry.

Some people ask why do we reach out for the stars? We reach out to the heavens to learn more about ourselves – to find our origins, our roots, our beginnings. Without the sacrifices and the vision of others, we would have never left caves, sailed across the ocean or set our sights to the heavens. I thank those pioneers.


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