Untitled – June 23, 2005

June 23, 2005

I recently attended a wedding. I love weddings. All the class, the planning, tears and partying that happens at a wedding is truly wonderful. The summer before I started college I found a job as a banquet server at the Red Lion in Richland. It was long hours and I never had Saturday nights off – I was always working weddings. I must have worked over 10 weddings that summer.

I loved working weddings. The reason people spend so much time, effort and money in planning and coordinating this event is because weddings are the few events in life that we live for. From the time we are precocious teenagers, we spend our lives in finding someone to spend the rest of our lives with – and when we find them, we want the day to be perfect.

The wedding was for my friend Sara and her man Dave – both of whom I met while in college. Sara was in my marketing group for three quarters in a row. Not only, spending hours together in the classroom, we spent hours together outside the classroom in group meetings and happy hours.

Their wedding was small and classy. And I was one of the few friends from college. She and her family seemed overly touched that I attended. I get the sense that I made a larger impact on her life than I knew that I did. It made me think, if I never knew that I had a good impact on her life – even for a short amount of time, do the people that have made a great impact on my life know they had a great impact on me?


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