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Untitled – April 26, 2005

April 26, 2005

Welcome to my first blog entry. Everybody seems to have a blog these days, so it only seemed right that I should too. My friends and I got together yesterday for a Monday bbq. What a glorious day for one too. See photo below. We went to this park, Golden Gardens, which is outside of Ballard. Great park.

Golden Gardens

While at the park we had the weirdest encounters with people. First, a group of vegans came over and asked if they could borrow our ketchup for their yam burgers. YAM BURGERS! Who in Gods name barbecues a yam!? Then a family, very ill-equipped for a barbeque, comes over and asks if they can borrow charcoal. We give them charcoal and lighter fluid. Then they ask us if they could have a stick we brought for roasting. Unsure what they were going to use the stick for we agreed. Next thing we know they are using the stick with a piece of burning newspaper and running about 150 feet to their grill to start their fire. I guess after asking for charcoal, lighter fluid and a stick, matches was too much to ask for.

Finally, this women, who my friend Paul described as “nuttier than squirrel shit” asked if she could warm her arm up by out fire. She was convinced that the MRI she had earlier had cured her broken arm. As the 5:45 nightly Amtrak rolled by, she said she loves the way metal on metal sounded. After she fixed herself a smore, she left us to go back wherever she is from.